During the Constitutional Convention the Great Compromise Was an Agreement about

During the Constitutional Convention, the Great Compromise was an agreement about the structure of the legislative branch of the United States government. This agreement, also known as the Connecticut Compromise, was essential in bringing together the small and large states, creating a balance of power that is still in place today.

Prior to the Great Compromise, the states were struggling to come to an agreement on how to structure the legislative branch. The large states wanted representation based on population, while the small states pushed for equal representation. This created a deadlock that threatened to derail the entire Constitutional Convention.

Enter Roger Sherman, a delegate from Connecticut, who proposed a compromise that would create equal representation in the Senate while offering representation based on population in the House of Representatives. This idea brought the small and large states together, creating what is now known as the Great Compromise.

Under this agreement, each state would have two senators, ensuring equal representation regardless of population size. In the House of Representatives, the number of seats would be based on the state`s population, giving larger states more representation than smaller ones. This balance allowed both small and large states to feel they had a say in the legislative process, fostering a sense of compromise and unity that was essential to the creation of the United States government.

The Great Compromise was not without controversy, with some fearing that it was too much of a compromise and wouldn`t go far enough in creating a fair and just system. Others felt that it was a necessary step towards creating a strong, unified government that could effectively govern the country.

Despite these concerns, the Great Compromise was ultimately accepted by the delegates at the Constitutional Convention, paving the way for the creation of the United States Constitution. It remains a vital part of the country`s political history and a testament to the power of compromise in creating an effective government.

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